It has text p-47 republic thunderbolt and the image of the plane engraved on one side with a man who I believe is supposed to be Chuck Yeager. It has the date 1943. On the back it has the names Y. Lugo, K. Kato, and Chuck Yeager engraved signature style. It also has engraved in cursive Maldives Club. It has a flag with a star in the middle engraved. I should note that the names Y. Lugo and K. Kato and Maldives club seem to be engraved in a different manor than the rest of the engravings. It is also engraved with its limited edition number 0031/1000. I know about the plane and chuck yeager, I was hoping to understand the other names and the Maldives Club. Thanks!

Uploading photos seems to have errora so if photos help email me at

and I will email photos back. Any help at all with why these names and the club were engraved helps greatly! I fear they are part of some 3rd party engraving advertising campaig.